5s workplace lean manufacturing

Our 5S Workplace

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As part of our continual improvement and growth, we are upgrading our practices this year to incorporate 5s workplace principles. 5s is a philosophy originating in Japan as a way of organising and managing your workspace. The intention is to improve efficiency by eliminating waste, improving work flow and eliminating unnecessary processes. 5s is broken down into stages (funnily enough …

Starbank Christmas Bake Off

Helping Our Local Community

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As Christmas time approaches we start to think of those less fortunate than ourselves and its this time of year were we like to give back to our community as well as charitable organisations close to our hearts. This year we decided to have a fundraising day, that included wearing Christmas jumpers/ accessories, a guess the baby competition with baby …

5 axis Formers

Taking Shape with our 5 Axis CNC

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Since the installation of our Homag BMG 512 5 axis CNC, we have been able to take on your 3D projects. Our dedicated CAD team have built up their techniques and knowledge to handle the variety of 5 axis model work we have produced up to date. With some quite challenging projects under our belt, we are continually progressing and …

Homag SWT 725 Calibrator

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As our Shield Fire doors have become increasingly popular within the fire door market we are taking control of all the processes involved. This has resulted in us acquiring a Homag SWT 725 Calibrator. This piece of machinery will allow to keep the calibration of all door cores in house, improving our lead times and giving us complete control of …

Starbank’s Power Lifters

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No our staff aren’t in training for the world’s strongest man competition as the title of this blog may suggest. In fact we have actually taken the weight out of moving our panels from machine to machine by installing several vacuum lifting systems. These lifts will assist our staff in manoeuvring and turning over large panels. They allow for less staff …

Big Investments for 2017

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After planning and moving our factory operations into our new 116,000 sq ft manufacturing space last year, we will be investing in further technology in 2017. Our senior management team have put in place a business development plan which will take us well into 2020. Starting this year we are hoping to expand our solid surface and fire door manufacturing departments, …

Our Carbon Conscious Christmas.

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The holiday season is fast approaching us and its normal at this time to start running around the country with bottles of alcohol and chocolates like mad people…. Of course we are saying thank you – a huge thank you – to the businesses who help us to keep the lights on, our people employed and our company alive and …

STARlite Sales Soar

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Traditionally the most common method to achieve a thicker profile panel was to bond a number of core boards together, but despite the introduction of lightweight panels the finished products can still be heavy, difficult to use traditional fixings, and sometimes impractical as a finished piece. Starbank’s solution to this problem is the design and development of STARlite®. A lightweight composite …

Real Concrete Laminate Panels

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Laminate production is always evolving. Keeping up with interior trends, whilst offering timeless decors. Texture has played a large role in keeping laminate production at the forfront with designers. Wood patterns with matching grain texture has and always will be popular. with the industrial interior trend giving no sign of slowing down, raw, textured decors have been emerging from almost …

Starbank Turns 40!

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It was on this day in 1976 that Starbank Panel Products began. Established by Gordon and Kath Darbyshire, they set out their business from 6000 sq ft of rented manufacturing space in Wigan and trading began. Initially supplying the caravan industry with interior panel products, Gordon and Kath; with the help of one employee started to grow the business.  By 1991 the …

Starbank Scale Snowdon

Starbank Staff Scale Snowdon

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With the recent loss of Alan Elms, a very valued and respected member of the Starbank team who lost his battle with cancer aged 46 in April this year, Starbank staff wanted to honour his memory by climbing Mount Snowdon. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales standing 1085 meters above sea level. The day started with an early rise as …

fors certificate

Starbank Gains Bronze FORS Certification

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To ensure we can deliver to all of our customers no matter where you are in the UK, our transport team have undergone the strict auditing process set by FORS. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is an accreditation scheme encompassing safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. We achieved Bronze! Bronze accreditation confirms that we employ good practices and comply with the requirements …

carved panels

Backlit Corian Panels

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Starbank Commissioned to Produce 3D Exhibition Panels We have machined specially commissioned Corian® Textura Panels from CD (UK) Ltd, the exclusive distributor of DuPont™ Corian® being machined on our 5 Axis Homag BMG 512. These panels will be on display, backlit, on the CD (UK) stand at the Surface Design Show – 9th-11th Feb 2016, showing the amazing diversity of DuPont™ Corian …

leaderflush starbank

Starbank Increase Capacity for Door Assembly Components

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With the recent sad demise of Leaderflush Shapland, Starbank are gearing up to supply the Door Manufacturing sector with alternative, high quality performance Postformed Door leaves and frames in PVC and HPL. Extensive fire test evidence allows our Shield brand to offer fellow Q-Mark manufacturers and installers assembly components under 3rd party fire certification. We strongly believe that equal or …

Shield Fire Doors a Roaring Success

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Our FD30 and FD60 fire doors have once again proven they can withstand the fire testing scenarios. Our FD30 doors lasted just over 46 minutes and our FD60 withstood the flames for 65 minutes. Our governing body BM Trada®, were impressed with both our results, especially our FD30 doors lasting for over three quarters of an hour. These results widens …


Starbank Gets Outstanding Company Award!

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On an annual basis Plimsoll Publishing Ltd, as the world’s leading provider of market reports and company analysis, awards the accolade of “Outstanding Company” to a very select number of companies in their individual industry sectors. This is an award that is the result of our latest analysis of the published annual accounts relevant to our specific area of business. …

Digital Print Laminate

Bending the Rules

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At Starbank we are always pushing the limits of the materials that we work with. We have an extensive Research and Development programme that we use to undertake prototypes, some of which are customer specific and others just to see how far we can go with materials in order to continue to say ‘yes’ to our customer’s requests. Postforming digital print …

Lamello mitred bench table

No visible fixings

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The balance of form over function when designing furniture is always the tug of war decision making that ensures the success or failure of a piece of furniture. Too much form over function means that people will quickly discard it once they realise it doesn’t work and too much function over form may mean people don’t even look at it …

starbank solar panels

Starbank goes Solar Powered!

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With the renovation of our new premises well under way, we have decided to take advantage of the large expanse of roof and make it work for us. We have tasked solar King with the challenge of installing  the £234,000 worth of photovoltaic panels onto our new roof. The installation should help save us over £15,000 of electricity in year …