Starbank Gets Outstanding Company Award!

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On an annual basis Plimsoll Publishing Ltd, as the world’s leading provider of market reports and company analysis, awards the accolade of “Outstanding Company” to a very select number of companies in their individual industry sectors. This is an award that is the result of our latest analysis of the published annual accounts relevant to our specific area of business. …

Digital Print Laminate

Bending the Rules

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At Starbank we are always pushing the limits of the materials that we work with. We have an extensive Research and Development programme that we use to undertake prototypes, some of which are customer specific and others just to see how far we can go with materials in order to continue to say ‘yes’ to our customer’s requests. Postforming digital print …

Lamello mitred bench table

No visible fixings

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The balance of form over function when designing furniture is always the tug of war decision making that ensures the success or failure of a piece of furniture. Too much form over function means that people will quickly discard it once they realise it doesn’t work and too much function over form may mean people don’t even look at it …

starbank solar panels

Starbank goes Solar Powered!

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With the renovation of our new premises well under way, we have decided to take advantage of the large expanse of roof and make it work for us. We have tasked solar King with the challenge of installing  the £234,000 worth of photovoltaic panels onto our new roof. The installation should help save us over £15,000 of electricity in year …

Euroclass B decorative HPL panel

Euroclass B Fire Retardant Panel

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We are working with Formica® Group as well as Medite® and FSC® to bring you the UK’s first fully FSC chain of custody Euroclass decorative fire retardant panel. Our extensive certification with FSC® and our partnership with Formica® and Medite® means that we are able to fabricate our composite panel to Euroclass B, s2 – d0 standards.     With …

BAZ 723

£1m Order for Homag

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To compliment our new factory’s increased capacity we have ordered two new critical state of the art machines with Homag. The First is an additional BAZ 723; twin table CNC machine centre with contour edge banding. The second; a bespoke VFL 610 through feed postforming line – one of the most technically advanced to be installed in the UK. Both …

Connected Surfaces

Connected Surfaces: Wireless Charging

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Look Ma, No Wires! Our connected surfaces allow you to charge your mobile device simply by placing it down on whatever piece of furniture the device is installed into. We have seen the emergence of device manufacturers as well as furniture manufacturers having wireless technology built in. The applications are exiting: imagine not needing to pack your charger when going …

3d wall panels

CARV3D : 3D wall panels

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Why settle for flat when you can have Carved? Ideal for making a statement in hospitality, retail, bars and restaurant environments; our Carved 3D wall panels are bang on trend for the 2015 market. The huge surge in 3D cnc work for interior fit out prompted our investment in the technology and training to be able to offer you the …

Starbank factory

Starbank’s New Factory Update

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After purchasing our new site with over double the capacity of where we are now, work got quickly underway to get the space up to the standards needed for us to move everything over. After removing walls, flooring and cranes that were inhibiting our plans, we are now at the stage of pouring the new concrete floor. 2 bays down only four …

Cubico Leisure cubicle

Cubico Washrooms launches Leisure Cubicle range

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Cubico washrooms have launched a leisure cubicle range. These high performance leisure cubicles are ideal for all leisure markets as they can withstand the most extreme wet and humid environments. All the ranges are fully framed designs each with their own unique features. Each range can be configured for multi purpose facilities including toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, single and family changing …

FSC washroom Cubicles

We manufacture FSC Cubicles

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  Do you need FSC certified toilet cubicle panels? Then we can manufacturer them for you. Any cubicle from any washroom range can be made using full FSC certified materials. Please choose alternative decors from our Cubico FSC Brochure and make sure you specify the need for an FSC cubicle at the time of quotation, and we will do the rest. With …

q mark fire doors

Starbank Certified Q-Mark Fire Doors

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As of today Starbank Are fully certified by BM Trada under the Q-mark system to supply our customers with fire doors. Our fire doors are available either straight edged or postformed with a range of vision panels to suit any design needs. We are currently manufacturing FD30 and FD60 fire door leafs. We are able to face our doors in a …


STARlite Passes FIRA Test With Flying Colours

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FIRA ADHESION AND LOAD & DEFLECTION TEST To ensure our designed and developed STARlite® panel could perform under the potential stresses of the interior fit out and commercial markets we undertook testing with FIRA. We had two test done. The first test was performed under BS6222 – this is a British Standard for the Durability of surface finish and performance …

Edge Profiling

Edge Profiling & Grooving

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We have offered edge profiling on chipboard, MDF and plywood for postforming purposes for many years now. With compact grade laminate also coming on in leaps and bounds from Polyrey, Formica and Trespa this area has become increasingly busy in recent years. To ensure Starbank could cope with the demand we approached Homag to manufacture a bespoke, one of kind machine configured …

Cubico Washrooms

Starbank Launches Washrooms

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Cubico: Washrooms & Cubicles With our washroom offer growing by the day, we decided that it needed it’s own brand to set it apart from the products we offer under Starbank. We have worked hard to design and develop the Cubico brand and we are very pleased to launch our dedicated toilet cubicle website: Cubico Washrooms. Our aim with Cubico is to simplify the specification …



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STARlite: The Light Hearted Future For Panel Products There is more and more of a requirement for thick and chunky panels. To meet the design trends, Starbank is launching in April it’s very own product range called STARlite. In the past thicker panels meant that the final product would become very heavy and unpractical. This was because the core was made …

Starbank Employs

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Starbank has undergone a major recruitment drive, employing more people across all areas of the company. This is in response to the increasing growth of the business, and to cope with the rise in workload.  When recruiting, we commit to supporting the local area and always look to employ the right people from the surrounding regions, wherever possible. This current …

Improving Our Impact

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All the machinery in use at Starbank are fitted with an extraction system, which is used to remove the dust particles created during production. The new extraction system has three major benefits than the previous system. Firstly it collects all the waste product into one area, (where previously the system was split into two). The second major benefit to this …

“Lean” on Starbank

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At the beginning of the economic downturn Starbank invested heavily in training staff in the principles of Lean Manufacturing to ensure the business was in the best position possible to weather the tough conditions. The knowledge that was embedded in the staff during that training ensured that from 2009 onwards we have consistently improved our competitiveness of offer in the …

Invest in Energy Efficiency

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More and more emphasis is being placed on how businesses reduce their impact on the environment by reducing the amount of energy they use and therefore carbon emissions their processes generate. Following considerable research several investments have been made to reduce energy consumption cutting costs and significantly reducing carbon emissions. 1. Lighting project – utilising some of the most energy efficient …