Homag Centetaq T-700

Investments In New Homag CNC Machining Centres

StarbankNew Technology & Machines

Since our incorporation, Starbank have invested in 22 Homag CNC machines.  These have been crucial for the success and growth of the business as they have allowed us to maintain our high quality standards. We have always taken a forward-thinking, latest technology approach when purchasing new equipment, focusing purely on high-specification solutions. This tactic has delivered tremendous flexibility, enabling us …

5 axis Formers

Taking Shape with our 5 Axis CNC

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Since the installation of our Homag BMG 512 5 axis CNC, we have been able to take on your 3D projects. Our dedicated CAD team have built up their techniques and knowledge to handle the variety of 5 axis model work we have produced up to date. With some quite challenging projects under our belt, we are continually progressing and …

Homag SWT 725 Calibrator

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As our Shield Fire doors have become increasingly popular within the fire door market we are taking control of all the processes involved. This has resulted in us acquiring a Homag SWT 725 Calibrator. This piece of machinery will allow to keep the calibration of all door cores in house, improving our lead times and giving us complete control of …

Starbank’s Power Lifters

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No our staff aren’t in training for the world’s strongest man competition as the title of this blog may suggest. In fact we have actually taken the weight out of moving our panels from machine to machine by installing several vacuum lifting systems. These lifts will assist our staff in manoeuvring and turning over large panels. They allow for less staff …

Digital Print Laminate

Bending the Rules

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At Starbank we are always pushing the limits of the materials that we work with. We have an extensive Research and Development programme that we use to undertake prototypes, some of which are customer specific and others just to see how far we can go with materials in order to continue to say ‘yes’ to our customer’s requests. Postforming digital print …

Lamello mitred bench table

No visible fixings

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The balance of form over function when designing furniture is always the tug of war decision making that ensures the success or failure of a piece of furniture. Too much form over function means that people will quickly discard it once they realise it doesn’t work and too much function over form may mean people don’t even look at it …

BAZ 723

£1m Order for Homag

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To compliment our new factory’s increased capacity we have ordered two new critical state of the art machines with Homag. The First is an additional BAZ 723; twin table CNC machine centre with contour edge banding. The second; a bespoke VFL 610 through feed postforming line – one of the most technically advanced to be installed in the UK. Both …

Connected Surfaces

Connected Surfaces: Wireless Charging

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Look Ma, No Wires! Our connected surfaces allow you to charge your mobile device simply by placing it down on whatever piece of furniture the device is installed into. We have seen the emergence of device manufacturers as well as furniture manufacturers having wireless technology built in. The applications are exiting: imagine not needing to pack your charger when going …

Homag BMG 512

Installation of Homag BMG 512 5 Axis CNC

Starbank ITNew Technology & Machines

Starbank have taken possession of a Homag BMG 512 5 axis CNC machine. The dedicated matrix bed is the largest Homag has produced for the UK market. This sophisticated machine has laser guided panel nesting and positioning. The lasers map out the shapes and drill holes of each panel enabling operators to line the panels up accordingly. The CNC features …

storage retrieval system

Chaotic Storage Retrieval System

Starbank ITNew Technology & Machines

Starbank’s Storage Retrieval System Starbank’s latest investment is the FH6 Cut-To-Size Saw linked to the VS16 Board Storage Retrieval System. This investment has improved working practices and reduced the time involved in sorting and finding boards to cut. As boards can be stored in a ‘chaotic’ random order floor space has been optimised with the ability to store up to …

Weeke BHX 055

Weeke BHX 055

Starbank ITNew Technology & Machines

Following an assessment of the production profile for the peak months of 2011, the decision was taken to invest in a Weeke BHX 055 CNC. This compact machine has been specifically designed for low or single batch component manufacture which forms part of Starbank’s product profile. The installation of the Weeke BHX 055 will enable Starbank to offer it’s customers …

vacuum system

Vacuum System

Starbank ITNew Technology & Machines

As the number of CNC machines increased then so did the requirement for an air vacuum system, meaning that the industry standard approach to vacuum air production was no longer efficient. Starbank has lead the way in the UK by installing the first Centralised Vacuum System within the wood panel industry. The system is super efficient due to the high …

Homag KAL 526

Homag KAL 526

Starbank ITNew Technology & Machines

Installed in December 2011 and commissioned in January 2012, the Homag KAL 526 double sided edge banding line represents Starbank’s largest single investment in technology. The company is committed to incorporating the latest equipment into its production process in order to better serve its customers and build on its position as a lean manufacturing pioneer. The machine comes fully equipped …

schelling ft-h evolution 430

Schelling FT-H Evolution 430 Saw

Starbank ITNew Technology & Machines

The Schelling Saw is our latest acquisition in the search for the best machine technology available. This piece of equipment is, in our opinion, a more powerful and efficient machine than our existing Holzma Saw, incorporating the latest innovative technology to give us the highest precision possible along with increased productivity. With a Saw blade projection of 185mm our cutting book …