We produce a variety of post formed panels across our 3 post forming machines. The core materials which are recommended are MDF or Chipboard, Standard, MR or FR grade because of their flatness and homogenous construction. When required we can produce elements using a plywood core however this is not recommended due to tolerances in the board.

Postforming grades of high pressure laminate are manufactured using premium papers and resins and are intended for use on vertical or horizontal interior surfaces where it is necessary or desirable to roll the laminate on a simple radius over the edge of the core material.

Postforming grades of compact grade laminate are manufactured using premium papers and resins, this is similar to HPL however there are many more layers added. This self supporting material can then be CNC’d and postformed on our custom postforming machine.

Our machines are capable of producing post formed panels with internal and external radius edges. We have moved away from traditional methods of producing coving sections required for integral upstands in favour of the latest technology in resin injection to provide a far more rigid construction which fills all gaps eliminating the possibility of any cracks or splits. This method is ideal for creating HTM 63 worktops for use in healthcare environments.


The Brandt model 20⁄ 31 is capable of producing elements up to 3.1m in length. This machine has an excellent record for its ability to produce consistent quality as well as being flexible to cope with Starbank’s ever changing production requirements.


The Brandt 10/ 42 is the next level up from the 20/ 31, as this machine is capable of post forming panels up to a massive 4.1m in length. Again this machine can produce postformed panels of the high quality we demand for our customers as well as being flexible around varying production requirements.


Our Homag throughfeed postformer VFL 610 is a bespoke specification and one of the most technically advanced to be installed in the UK. It combines 5 operations in one with each panel running through it, including: laminate trimming, glue application, glue activation, bending and finishing.

postformed panel
bespoke postformer

This machine was commissioned to ensure that all SGL panels could be postformed consistently without any imperfections as some decors would show stresses when postformed on standard machinery. We have been imperfection free since.

ancillary machines

We have several smaller machines that are used for postforming amongst other things, these include:

  • Hand tools for corian work
  • Basic thermoforming oven
  • Jigs for specific angles