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Construction sites can often be a hub of activity with many different trades all trying to work in the same space. This can make the assembly of delicate, finishing touches such as the interior fit-out furniture a stressful time to ensure nothing gets damaged.

Let Starbank take most of that stress away from you. As part of our wide range of machining service offers, we also have a dedicated team who can build your panel product furniture for you prior to delivery.

Therefore, once unloaded, all your team needs to do is manoeuvre the assembled furniture into the correct position and fix it in place. Dramatically reducing the installation time, which is perfect for fit out projects such as schools, that need to be completed out of term time. 

This service is also ideal for projects where a lot of hand finishing needs to be done to the unit once built. We can give each assembled furniture piece the correct drying time for additional glued items, such as metal plates or hand edged sections, without being in the way on a busy site.

Pre-built furniture is fully quality checked by our assembly team and then protected in the exact same way as all our other panel products – with either cardboard or foam corner edges. Finally,  the units are all wrapped and strapped on pallets to ensure no damage occurs during transit.

If you think your project could benefit from being pre-built by our Starbank team then speak to our sales estimators during the ordering process.

Cupboard unit being assembled


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