lightweight composite panels

Demand for contemporary, ‘chunky’ style furniture and interior fit-out components is a trend that doesn’t seem to slowing down.

traditionally, the most common way to achieve the thicker profile, was to bond a number of core boards together. Despite the introduction of lightweight panels, the finished products can still be extremely heavy.

Starbank’s solution to this problem was the design and development of STARlite®. A lightweight composite board, manufactured using a closed cell foam core, sandwiched between two outer layers of your choice of materials. The panel is then finished with your choice of decorative surface and edging materials.

STARlite panels provide all the functionality and aesthetics of traditional materials without the added weight restrictions.

postformed lightweight panels
STARlite panels


The weight savings made by using STARlite for your interior fit-out projects helps to ease the installation of the pieces. The weight per m² is on average, 56% less than that of traditional construction methods. In some instances STARlite lightweight panels can reach:

up to 65% lighter *

Example comparison
solid chipboard - 50Kg
STARlite - 17.5kg

*compared to a solid chipboard panel of the same size & thickness.

The bespoke composition means that traditional woodworking fixings can be used to joint panels together. Other lightweight panels on the market have to use specialist chemical fixings, which increases the overall cost of the panels.


STARlite lightweight decorative panels can be utilised for both commercial and contract furniture design, some of which includes:

  • Office / hotel furniture & shelving
  • School desks & benches
  • Retail point of sale displays
  • Internal lightweight doors
  • Wall panelling & partitioning
  • Table tops
  • Ceiling Slats
  • Exhibitions

Panels can be supplied as full sheets ( 3050 x 1220mm or 2400 x 1200mm). We can also further machine the lightweight panels to include postformed,  shaped, edged and cnc details.

STARlight Lightweight Panels
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types of lightweight panels

square edge starlite
square edged lightweight panels

we are able to edge all straight edge STARlite panels with: ABD, 3D acylic or veneer edgebanding.

We utilise our PURedge™ technology to ensure the most durable adhesion available on the market for this composition of panel.

blocked starlite panels

we work directly with our customers to create blocked lightweight panels. This type of construction helps to aid installation or fixing positions on your project.

Once the design and specification are schieved, the block rails are secured using high performance timber adheisive ready for further processing.

postformed lightweight panels
postformed lightweight panels

for any HPL or CPL ranges that are avilable in postforming grades, we are able to use for our  postformed lightweight panels.

Both single or double postformed edges can be achieved. Please speak to our sales team for further advice.

calibrated panels
calibrated starlite panels

nominal thickness tolerances on STARlite panels are +/- 0.5 to 0.75mm. We therefore recommend our calibration service for any critical finish thickness requirements.

shaped & edged panels
Shaped & edged starlite

Our sophisticated BAZ machining centres are able to consecutively cnc panels into a variety of  shapes. These machines can then edge both internal and external radius’ in your choice oof edgebanding.

cnc lightweight panel
cnc lightweight panels

From simple face drilling for inserts, to routing the core for cable management, we are able to achieve it with our cnc machining centres.

Speak to our sales team to see how we can add extra value to your STARlite panels.

STARlite brochure

To learn more about our exclusive STARlite panels including all the technical data, please take a look at our STARlite brochure including our technical manual. Or call our sales team today and see how you can incorporate STARlite into your next project.


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