carved panels

Backlit Corian Panels

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Starbank Commissioned to Produce 3D Exhibition Panels We have machined specially commissioned Corian® Textura Panels from CD (UK) Ltd, the exclusive distributor of DuPont™ Corian® being machined on our 5 Axis Homag BMG 512. These panels will be on display, backlit, on the CD (UK) stand at the Surface Design Show – 9th-11th Feb 2016, showing the amazing diversity of DuPont™ Corian …

Bespoke P.O.S. Retail Furniture

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We have been manufacturing furniture for retail for many years now. Retail furniture comes under many more stresses than domestic furniture. The high traffic areas of shops and retail spaces demands the furniture within them are robust and strong enough to cope. Although some P.O.S stations change seasonally there will always be staple retail units that are used year on year …

Hairdressing bench station

A Cut Above The Competition

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Our GoDesign service offers you the chance to have bespoke panel furniture designed for you by our design team. This was exactly what one of our customers did when they were tasked with the construction of a hair and beauty school for a nearby academy. We were given a design brief with the chosen colour ways as well as what …

Nursery Washrooms

Nursery School Washroom Project

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Nursery School Washroom Challenge To manufacture unisex nursery school washrooms, that are vibrant and create an impact. Solution With the launch of our Education washroom ranges via our Cubico Washroom brand, we were able to meet the brief by just showing the client our nursery school washrooms. The Bounce range with its dynamic shape was perfect for their project. With our long …

University Washrooms

Staffordshire University

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    Challenge The Flaxman Building at Staffordshire University was built in 1970 and spans more than 5000 square metres across seven floors. The project required the refurbishment of 12 different washroom areas spread over six of the seven floors of the Flaxman Building. Key drivers were mainly geared around a need to modernise the look and feel of the washroom areas and to bring them up to date …

hospital fire doors

Manchester Royal Infirmary

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Challenge As part of the major multimillion pound refurbishment of Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), our client was contracted to undertake the refurbishment of 10 different wards, ancillary offices and corridors. The requirements were for the installation of a wide range of bespoke door sets and panelling, including fire rated doors, IPS panels, shelving and worktops. This represented a small part …

office furniture

Royal Bank of Canada

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Challenge The Royal Bank of Canada commissioned our client to design, produce and install a bespoke office furniture solution for its 30,000 sq ft flagship UK headquarters in London. The high profile nature of the project meant that delivery and turnaround leadtimes were highly demanding. The initial requirement was for a wide range of samples to be organised within three …