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The manufacturing industry demands ever increasing levels of accuracy and quality, none more so than CNC detailing.

At Starbank, we consistently invest in the latest technology as well as operator training so that we are always producing CNC panels at the highest level. Starbank has invested in 22 high-performance Homag CNC machines to date. As a result, playing a crucial role in ensuring continued quality and growth of the business over the years.

It is this attitude for staying ahead of the curve that has helped carve out the reputation of high quality, value for money panel products that our customer’s associate with Starbank.

Customer requirements are always growing more complex, with varied products and shorter delivery periods. Our CNC panel division offers a manufacturing solution which is both flexible and capable of dealing with all of our customer’s needs, without compromise. 

Our varied range of Homag CNC panel technology not only makes us highly competitive in the market place but flexible enough to take on higher production projects as well as batch one prototypes if needed

CNC Panels SGL

a skilled production team & efficient machinery delivers high quality finishes.

Homag Centetaq E-700 CNC
Homag Centetaq E-700

The Centateq E-700 is a powerful gantry CNC machine, with the benefit of an added EVA/PO edge banding unit. Allowing us to run a variety of materials, including the challenging 3D acrylic edging. Setting us apart from our competition. We opted for a four-axis model as this gives us the most flexibile production options.

Quality is always a critical driver for Starbank. The power of the spindle heads is paramount to the performance of the machines when running a multi-shift operation. This, coupled with the large bed size gives us a unique advantage in the CNC panel market.

Homag Centetaq T-700

Over the years, market demand has moved to smaller batch production. As a result, we needed a machine that was more flexible and efficient in handling batch size one as well as larger production runs. Hence our decision to opt for the Homag Centateq T-700 CNC. 

Another reason for selecting the T-700 was the growth of compact laminate components that we are now producing each week. To successfully manufacture high-end detailed components and large-volume worksurfaces with this material, requires a large, robust and technically advanced machining centre. 

You only get this performance with the big-gantry CNC’s and the T-700 is perfect for that. As with the E-700, we specified a four-axis model with extra tooling carousels for bespoke applications to give us the capacity, flexibility and edge we wanted.

Homag Centetaq T-700
Homag BAZ 723 CNC
Homag Baz 723

Purchased in 2015, the Homag BAZ 723 CNC panel processing centre, comes complete with a bespoke 3D acrylic edgebanding facility and automated loading gantry. These specifications allow us to easily produce our precision BAZedge: shaped and edged panels during one pass in the machine.

BAZ edge logo

The twin loading gantries function independently from one another, allowing our operators to load the next panel whilst the first one is being machined.

The BAZ unit offers outstanding panel quality by combining a high standard of finish together with a flexible high capacity output. 

Homag BMG 512

Our Homag BMG 512 can be programmed as both a 3 & 5 axis CNC machine.

Through discussions with Homag about our proposed future direction as well as our customers needs, we ended up specifying the largest most sophisticated model that Homag have produced for the UK market.

With this machines dedicated matrix bed and laser guidance we are able to precision cut like never before. In addition, we entered them realm of 5 axis CNC machining, further expanding the service offer for our customers.

Homag BMG 512
Weeke BHX 055
Weeke BHX 055

The Weeke BHX 055 CNC is a compact machine that has been specifically designed for low component manufacture.

The installation of the BHX 055 allows us to offer cost effective rates for certain low volume or prototype orders. This machine is flexible and easy to set up and enables us to more efficiently schedule the production demands. 

The BHX 055 is capable of vertical as well as horizontal drilling and grooving. Furthermore the quick setup, thanks to the vacuum free clamping, helps to make it one of our fastest processing CNC centres.


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