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Starbank has provided high quality laminated panels and bonded boards for many different industries since 1976. Subsequently, we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading companies in this field.

We have built powerful supply chain partnerships alongside our own logistics to offer our customers an unrivalled service. Due to this, we can supply you with high pressure laminates from all the leading manufacturers.

These laminates can then be bonded to a variety of substrates, such as: MDF, plywood, chipboard and fire rated door blanks. For more information about the types of materials we work with, use our material guide.

Starbank produce on average, 50,000 laminated decorative panels each year, without breaking a sweat. This unique expertise in this area ensures that we are able to supply virtually any combination of laminate face and core material (subject to availability).

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To ensure the highest possible bond quality, all laminates and core materials are conditioned for at least 48 hours prior to bonding.

Similar to our decorative panel storage and retrieval system, our bonding line incorporates its own dedicated storage and retrieval system. This addition, not only improves efficiency but also reduces the manual handling efforts of our operators.

The panel brushing system ensures that all core boards are free from all dust and particles prior to entering the glue spreader. Furthermore improving the final quality of our laminated panels.

Flexibility was a major factor when specifying our bonding technology. Our bespoke setup allows our operatives to laminate all types of decorative bonded boards, including more complex composite panels.

The final stage of our bonding process is to place the stack of laminated panels into one of two large volume bonding presses. This technology ensures an excellent cure across the full span of every panel. 

Our standard press sizes are:

  • 8′ x 4′ (2440 x 1220mm)
  • 10′ x 4′ (3050 x 1220mm)

For non standard sizes please contact us. Details upon application and subject to end use.

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