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substrates & cores

At Starbank, we work with a wide range of core boards and substrates. Meaning, we are able to offer our customers the best choices for their projects. The most common core boards we work with are:

  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Compact laminate
  • Plywood
  • Unique closed cell foam (used in our STARlite® lightweight panels)
  • Fire door cores (used in our SHIELD® fire door product offer)

In addition, all core boards are available in multiple thicknesses. Some of which can be specified in the following grades:

  • Moisture resistant / exterior /  Tricoya Extreme
  • Flame retardant to BS476 Class 1 & 0 – Euroclass C & B
  • Euroclass A – non combustable
  • Lightweight
  • Deep Rout
  • Zero Formaldehyde

Speak to our sales team to see what types of substrates are available in what grades.

Substrates and cores
bringing value to the surface

decorative panels & laminates

Even though we work with a variety of sheet material types; high pressure laminates and wood based panels will always be at the core of Starbank Panel Products. Since 1976, we have built up a strong supplier network. As a result, we offer our customers the widest possible choice of décors and finishes.

We create panel products using:

  • Melamine faced chipboard
  • Melamine faced MDF
  • Melamine faced composites
  • High pressure & continuous laminate
  • Solid grade laminate
  • Compact density fibreboard
  • Pre fabricated veneered panels
  • Thermoplastic decorative sheets
  • Solid surface

See our quick guide to the most popular material types below or download the material guide booklet.

Alternatively, contact us to talk through your project with one of our team. 

decorative panels & laminate

manufacturers we work with

material quick guide

melamine faced chipboard
MFC decorative panels
melamine faced chipboard

MFC is a pre bonded wood based panel. Made using decorative paper on both sides of a chipboard core; fused together using melamine resin. MFC decorative panels only need to be cut and edged to finish them.

melamine faced mdf
mf mdf decorative panels
melamine faced mdf

MF-MDF is similar to MFC above, however, the core of the decorative panel is made with MDF instead of chipboard. It is advised that this type of panel should only be used in dry areas with light traffic.

High Pressure Laminate
High Pressure Laminate
high pressure laminate

High pressure laminates are constructed by saturating layers of Kraft paper with phenolic resin. After that, the decorative paper is added. Finally, HPL is finished with a protective overlay. This makes high pressure laminates a durable surface option that can be bonded to most cores.

compact density fibreboard
compact density fibreboard decorative panels
compact density fibreboard

Compact density fibreboard is a high density black fibre core fused between two decorative layers. CDF is then finished with a protective overlay. Consequently, CDF is a robust cost effective self supporting material.

solid grade laminate
solid grade laminate decorative panels
solid grade laminate

Firstly, SGL is composed of multiple layers of Kraft paper permeated with phenolic resin. Secondly, both sides are finished with decorative melamine saturated paper. Finally a protective overlay. Hence why SGL, is one of the toughest decorative panels that we work with.

solid surface fabrication
solid surface decorative panels
solid surface

Solid surface is created by mixing resin with powdered fillers and pigments. The material chemically cures and is then cut into sheets for distribution. Multiple sheets can be jointed together with near invisible seams. Furthermore, solid surface can be refinished multiple times to keep it in top condition.


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