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At Starbank, we are equipped with two custom state of the art Schelling® FTH-6 beam saws. As a result, these machines, along with our skilled operators, ensures maximum accuracy each time.

Almost every panel we produce passes through one of our two beam saws at least once during the production process. With a big focus on efficiency, our saws are linked to a high performance optimisation (HPO) system. This, therefore guarantees the least amount of sheet material wastage during the cutting process.

The first Schelling FTH-6 beam saw is used for more intricate cutting. This machine is fed directly by the storage retrieval system, therefore  increasing safety as well as reducing manual loading. In addition, this saw is capable of working with different materials from: solid grade laminate to polypropylene.

Meanwhile our second FTH-6 saw can be fed either by the storage retrieval system or via rear loading. Subsequently creating a flexible setup, allowing us to organise and optimise our cutting schedules.

Panel Sizing - saw
lean manufacturing

storage & retrieval

Our Schelling VS-16 system can store and retrieve panels from 320m² of designated storage space. The system is fully automated by a robotic gantry arm and can retrieve any panel from any position.

With the input from our operators, the storage and retrieval system understands the specification of each panel that it is storing. Secondly, the location of every panel is automatically logged and can therefore be retrieved on demand. Due to this, our lean manufacturing system allows us to store panels chaotically, further optimising space within our factory.

Using such a sophisticated system also eliminates unnecessary manual handling and along with it, the likelihood of damage.

Similar to the storage vacuum lift technology, we have upgraded other areas within our factory with several Barbaric UniWood UWL 5 manual lifting systems.

Manual vacuum lifters from Barbaric enable efficient handling of heavy panels. For example, conventional manual handling may requires 2-3 employees to lift certain sized panels. Meanwhile a vacuum lifting system allows a single operator to move oversized panels without exertion. Further improving production efficiency.

panel storage system
precision tolerances


With incremental steps of 0.1mm, our twin head Homag SWT 725 calibration sander is a crucial part of our manufacturing process.

Designed specifically to perform this one task, we have one of the most powerful wide belt calibration machines on the market.

This machine can calibrate a whole host of panels from 3mm thick through to 160mm and an overall width of 1350mm. This allows us to accurately manufacture the most demanding of furniture components such as fire doors.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of high quality, value for money products. So with this addition to our fleet of machinery, we continue to offer you the highest standards on all our products.

Calibrated panels


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