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With decades of experience in postformed panels, Starbank developed and introduced the Aquaform® collection. A cost effective postformed panel product, that exceeds expectations when it comes to performance and durability.

The nature of the material means that we are able to expand our postformed product offer into areas that were previously not possible. Aquaform panels are suited for use in projects that include: high traffic, hygiene conscious as well as wet and humid environments. 

During the research and development stages for Aquaform, we commissioned the construction of a bespoke postforming machine. This was in response to traditional postforming machines not producing the standard of finish that we wanted for our customers.

It is thanks to our exclusive technology and skilled workforce that our Aquaform panels meet the high quality standards that our customers expect.

Aquaform postformed panels


The benefits of using Aquaform, over other postformed panels is that Aquaform is created from one single sheet of either SGL or CDF (see material guide). This means that there is no chance of water intake and therefore no chance that the core will fail due to swelling or warping.

In fact, you can submerge our Aquaform panels in water for days and they would remain in the same, top quality condition.

Even with all the added properties that Aquaform brings, there is still no compromise on design. With large ranges of postforming grade SGL and CDF available, there is always a decor to suit.

The black core edge of both SGL and CDF is rounded and polished to provide an attractive finish without the need for further edgebanding.


Aquaform postformed panels are perfect for use in the most challenging of environments. We recommend using Aquaform over our Mutliform postformed range, when specifying panels for:

  • Wet & humid environments such as shower rooms.
  • High traffic areas, like airport washrooms.
  • Healthcare environments, due to Aquaform’s hygienic properties.
  • Postformed IPS systems for use in healthcare facilities.
  • Leisure facilities, especially when close to a swimming pool.
  • Prisons, to withstand potentially high impact forces.
Healthcare Postformed Aquaform

standard profiles

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Aquaform brochure

Take a look at our Aquaform brochure to learn more about our exclusive specialist postformed panels. Or call our sales team today and see how you can incorporate Aquaform into your next project.


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