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Together, we all must make efforts to protect the planet and Starbank is no different. This is why Starbank is committed to making environmental changes and reducing our carbon footprint.

Since our certification, we have been able to supply FSC® & PEFC certified components since 2004. Furthermore, we were all proud to be the first company in Europe within our industry to have a fully integrated management system, including:

  • ISO 9001 : 2015 – Quality Management System.
  • ISO 14001 : 2015 – Environmental Management System.
  • ISO 45001 : 2018 – Occupational H&S Management System.

With all the above accreditations to our name, we are able to offer our customers a full chain of custody on our panel products.

To date, we have invested over £2 million in environmental and energy saving initiatives.

With our investments into sustainability and Energy Gain UK Ltd, we are proud to say that Starbank Panel Products Ltd is now a certified carbon neutral company, in accordance with PAS 2060:2014. This is a huge achievement as we believe we are the first company within the panel fabrication industry to achieve this accolade. 

For us, achieving carbon neutrality status is a fantastic milestone in Starbank’s continuing sustainability journey. 

EGUK - Carbon Neutral Company PAS 2060

Starbank environmental impact
eco power

solar panels

Our 116,000 sq ft manufacturing facility has almost 1000 solar panels installed. These assist our direct electricity needs and demands. The solar power system is continually monitored from our dedicated control centre. The solar panels help to power our intelligent low consumption LED lighting.

To enhance environmental efficiency, our factory lighting only illuminates when someone is working in that specific area. The lighting type is also specifically designed to produce, ‘daylight conditions’. Daylight helps to reduce eye strain and migraines compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.

Since we installed our solar power system, we have seen an average annual energy saving of: 3,011,400 kWh.

Starbank Solar Panels
waste power


To accompany the solar panels, we installed a state of the art Biomass system. Fuelled by our own internal waste stream, this technology has helped us to dramatically reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill.

All our machining centres within our factory are equipped with extraction. Waste from the machines can be directed through extraction and filtration elements, then stored in the silo.  The silo is 10m wide x 17m tall and is able to hold hundreds of tons of filtered wood waste. This wood waste can then be fed on demand from our silo into a furnace to heat the factory during the winter months.

Ecogate Industry 4.0 technology monitors our extraction consumption to limit and reduce energy demand when it is not required. We are regularly audited on exactly what output the biomass releases into the atmosphere, ensuring we stay within environmental limits.

Starbank’s Biomass system reduces the amount of CO² from being released into the atmosphere by 983,190kg on average each year.

starbank biomass system
interior fit out

product life cycle

design & development



transport & delivery

installation and usage

end of life treatment & final disposal


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responsible purchasing policy
company environmental policy
FSC Core Labour Requirements policy

waste material disposal options

material type
MFC with ABS edging
MFC with hardwood edging
MF-MDF with ABS edging
MF-MDF with hardwood edging
raw MDF
raw plywood
raw chipboard
raw Styrofoam
STARlite (Styrofoam & MDF)
solid surface
solid surface with MDF
solid surface with chipboard
HPL laminated timber core doors with hardwood edging
PVC laminated timber core doors with hardwood edging
HPL laminated timber core doors with ABS edging
PVC laminated timber core doors with ABS edging
laminated MDF
laminated MDF with ABS edging
laminated MDF with polypropylene edging
laminated MDF with hardwood edging
laminated MDF with laminate edging
laminated chipboard
laminated chipboard with ABS edging
laminated chipboard with polypropylene edging
laminated chipboard with hardwood edging
laminated chipboard with laminate edging
laminated plywood
laminated plywood with ABS edging
laminated plywood with polypropylene edging
laminated plywood with hardwood edging
laminated plywood with laminate edging
laminated STARlite
laminated STARlite with ABS edging
laminated STARlite with polypropylene edging
laminated STARlite with hardwood edging
laminated STARlite with laminate edging
solid grade laminate
compact density fibreboard
PP - polypropylene
PMMA - acrylic
HDPE - high density polyethylene
LBH-X - polystyrene
PC - polycarbonate
ACM - aluminium composite (PE inner core)
* subject to confimation of brand and construction


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