We are one of only a handful of companies that can actually give you the full chain of custody FSC products you require. Be aware; many companies claim to be able to offer FSC certified products when they cannot.

In order to establish if your current supplier can offer you FSC certified products then check their FSC status by using the FSC database and typing in their company name. If they have provided you with an FSC code, you can also check if this matches up to the correct manufacturer.

Starbank’s FSC credentials include:

  • Certification code: TT-COC-001970
  • Licence Code: FSC-C014528

It is our FSC Chain of Custody certification which sets us apart from most other fabricators as this allows us to manufacture a much wider range of FSC certified products.

Don’t worry if your current suppliers fails the FSC check and are not certified, we are more than happy to pick up the pieces and supply you with the FSC products you thought you were already getting.

PEFC is also a major force in the sustainability of the worlds forests. We are also able to offer PEFC chain if custody products as well as FSC if your job requires it. You can check our PEFC status on their website. You can also check the status of any other supplier or manufacturer you may currently be using to ensure you are getting the PEFC product you tendered for.




The world is more aware than ever to the fact that we need to all work together to preserve our natural resources for future generations. This demand has meant more and more customers are wanting only FSC certified products.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international organisation that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.

In order for the end user to receive FSC certified products, all the companies involved in handling or manufacturing the wood in the products must have, as well as follow the correct certification criteria set out by the FSC.

If any one company involved in the supply chain from forest to end user does not have the correct certification, then the wood product ceases to be FSC once it leaves that particular company and the chain of custody is broken.

Each company’s unique code is placed within the logo specific to them. Starbank Panel Products Ltd reference is FSC-C014528. This code appears on our job sheets in the following formats:

Melamine product description lines marked *FSC* are FSC mix 70%. Raw MDF, Plywood, Chipboard & OSB product description lines marked *FSC* are FSC mix 70%. HPL Bonded & Compact product description lines marked *FSC* are FSC Mix Credit. FSC Cert No. TT-CoC-001970 applies

Melamine product description lines marked *PEFC* are 70% PEFC Certified. Raw MDF, Plywood, Chipboard & OSB product description lines marked *PEFC* are 70% PEFC Certified. HPL Bonded & Compact product description lines marked *PEFC* are 30% PEFC Certified. PEFC Cert No. BMT-PEFC-0118 applies

To explain these points further follow wood products A & B on the graphic below to see what consequences occur when using suppliers who are not FSC certified.


Wood product A has come from an FSC® forest and has passed through several FSC certified production companies. As all the companies each had their own FSC certification; wood product A can be delivered to the end user as an FSC product.

The End user can then in turn trace back the product through each production company back to the forest it was grown in, knowing that all the FSC guidelines have been followed at each stage of production and fabrication.


Wood product B has also come from an FSC® forest. However along the supplier chain wood panel B passed through a non FSC certified company, which has broken the FSC Chain of Custody.

Even though wood product B entered the non FSC fabricator as an FSC product; it ceased to be so once it left as the company has no FSC certification and therefore no traceability of FSC machining practices.