pur edgebanding

Here at Starbank we are always at the forefront when it comes to offering our customers the very latest technologies in panel production. As we have always prided ourselves on the quality of the products produced we have made the move of supplying PUR bonded edges on all our straight edge panels as standard.

What Does This Mean For You?

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) glue edgbanding technology is the ultimate solution were high bond strength and moisture resistance are required. Its high specification is ideally suited for the application of solid hardwood, high pressure and even compact grade laminates as an edging material. The high bond strength is maintained for panels that are to be used in wet or humid environments were alternate glues such as EVA would not be suitable. The manufacturing capabilities of PUR adheisive allow us to bond:

  • Panel thickness up to 60mm (Please check with the sales office at the time of enquiry)
  • Thin melamine up to 3mm ABS
  • 3D acrylic edging
  • Solid edges up to 20mm thick
  • 44mm & 54mm Solid core fire doors
  • Wide choice of Solid hardwood finishes available
  • Wide choice of HPL edging and faces
  • Edging application before or after face laminating
Shaped Edgebanding

All our shaped edge panels are manufactured on our two dedicated BAZ 700 series CNC machining centres. These machines utilise EVA-Hot Melt to bond the edging to an all manner of shaped panels that our customers specify.

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