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decorative postformed panels

With multiple dedicated machines for the postforming of HPL, CPL and thermoplastic PVC, our consistent development in this area enables us to offer you the highest quality and flexibility in postformed panel fabrication.

Postforming is very much a hands on application and we have over 40 years of experience in this field. From a simple bullnose edge worktop to more complex postformed healthcare surfaces , we are equipped with both the technology and skillset to always deliver.

we work with all commercially available postforming grade laminates as well as thermoplastic PVC, to give you an unrivalled postforming product offer.

Our machines are capable of producing postformed panels with both internal and external radius profiles. We utilise the latest technology in resin injection to provide a far more rigid construction which fills all gaps eliminating the possibility of any cracks forming. This method of postforming decorative panels is ideal for creating HTM 63 worktops for use in healthcare environments.

Aquaform postformed panels
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postformed & profiled panels

At Starbank, we are able to give you both postformed as well as profiled edge panels. To make things simpler for our customers we decided to split our offer in to two exclusive brands.

Firstly, our Multiform® range of panels encompasses all of Starbank’s standard postformed and profile edges that we offer. These panels work in most environments spanning all sectors of the interior fit-out market.

Our second range, Aquaform®,  is our specialist range of postformed panels. Developed in house and exclusive to Starbank, Aquaform postformed panels are the perfect upgrade to withstand the most demanding environments.

postformed baby changing unit

postforming technology

homag VFL 610 postformer
Homag VFL 610

Our Homag throughfeed postformer VFL 610 is a bespoke specification and one of the most technically advanced to be installed in the UK. It combines 5 operations in one with each panel running through it, including: laminate trimming, glue application, glue activation, bending and finishing.

Homag Brandt PF 20/31

The Brandt model PF 20/31 is capable of producing postformed elements up to 3.1m in length. This machine has an excellent record for its ability to produce consistent quality as well as being flexible to cope with Starbank’s ever changing production requirements.


Homag Brandt PF 10/42

The Brandt 10/ 42 is the next level up from the 20/ 31, as this machine is capable of post forming panels up to a massive 4.1m in length. Again this machine can produce postformed panels of the high quality we demand for our customers as well as being flexible around varying production requirements.

Bespoke Postformer

This specialist machine was commissioned by Starbank to focus solely on the postforming quality of SGL panels.

This was in response to the fact that standard postforming machines can struggle to postform certain compact laminates without imperfections.

Since taking delivery of this technology we have developed a strong customer base who recognise and appreciate the performance offered by this unique postforming process.

Aquaform postformed sample


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