shield fire retardant panels
Euroclass B HPL Decorative Fire Retardant Panels

Today we have a multitude of materials that can be incorporated into the construction of public spaces. Interior fit out materials are ultimately governed by UK building and fire regulations set out within  Approved Document B. The market can be a complicated place for decorative laminates in an assembly, and often never tested in that respect. Assuming component parts work together is a dangerous thing!

Here at Starbank we have a solution with our Shield® Decorative Panels. By working in partnership with Formica® Group and Mediate we offer you a fully certified product that is easy to specify. Our certification as well as our full FSC® chain of custody credentials place us in a unique position compared to other fabricators as we are offering you; FR grade panels that are fully FSC certified as standard.


Material Compliance

The Euroclass System is a standard recognised by many member countries of the European Union regarding the reaction to fire for all building products.

The classification allows architects, specifiers and designers of public spaces to specify the correct materials to ensure compliance with UK building regulations for fire set out in the approved document B.


Medite® Premier FR Flame Retardant Euroclass MDF panels developed specifically for use in situations where a Euroclass is required under building regulations.

Medite® Premier FR has also been certified for use in fire retardant partition systems.

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Formica® Laminate

Formica® High Pressure Laminate (HPL)  is manufactured through fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature to create a hard wearing, durable and hygienic surfacing material.

The Formica® Colors, patterns and Woods ranges can all be made to order in FR grade including any of the surface finishes that Formica offer for each door type.


Shield® is tested as an assembly under the very latest BS En 13501-1 classification – notably the Euroclass system. Shield achieves the following level of: B, s2-d0. This test measures fire growth, lateral spread of flame, smoke production and total heat release and is an extremely stringent requirement.

Shield® decorative fire retardant panels achieve a Euroclass certification of B, s2 – d0

fire panel classification

Ignition time, fire propagation and energy contribution of the material. These three factors are measured by the amount of heat released from the material and the potential it has of contributing to the propagation of the fire. The results are represented by letter from a scale of A (inert) through to F (highly flammable).

Smoke Release

Flames and heat are not the only destructive force when a fire occurs. Smoke is extremely detrimental to people evacuating as well as fire fighters. The Euroclass system developed a scale to indicate the levels of smoke produced by materials during the testing process. This is defined by the following:

  • s1 = no smoke
  • s2 = smoke
  • s3 = large production of smoke
Burning Droplets

Researchers found that secondary fires could also be caused by burning particles and droplets coming from materials that are already alight. These particles pose a risk of burns to evacuating people as well as fire fighters. The Euroclass system defines the rate of burning particles by the following scale:

  • d0 = no droplets
  • d1 = droplets that do not burn for more than 10 seconds
  • d2 = many droplets, causing paper to burn with a small flame

We understand that specifications are still requested under the earlier national standard of BS 476. Although no direct comparison can be made due to different test methodologies it can be loosely correlated that Euroclass C levels are correlated against Class 1 under part 7 of BS 476.

Any alterations to the tested structure of our Shield® FR panels will require additional testing no matter how minor these changes are to an overall assembly.


Our fully FSC® certified fire retardant panels can be used for a variety of applications within both public and commercial building projects including:

  • Wall Panels
  • Partitions
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Furniture Components
  • Fire Retardant Access Panels