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Carved™ – The third dimension in decorative panels.

Carved 3D decorative panels allow you to create statement pieces within your interior project. Utilising our highly advanced CNC technology as well as our skilled CAD technicians, programmers and operators, we are able to machine patterns into the face of a variety of panel options including:

  • Solid Surface
  • Deep Route MDF
  • Through Colour MDF
  • Birch Plywood

We have standard designs that you can choose from below, however, if you require it, we can work with you to create a unique design specifically for your project.

Carved unique pattern
additional options

back-lit panels

carved backlit panel graphic

The pattern doesn’t always have to be front facing to make an impact. With the use of translucent solid surface décors, you can reverse the panel and reveal your chosen design through back-lighting.

The amount of light that penetrates through the panel is dependant on how deep the pattern is machined. Therefore, panels with multiple depths will create a variety of light effects.

To help create a lasting impression, we can incorporate your logo and other branding elements into your Carved™ panel and showcase them through back-lighting.

carved duo panels

carved duo panels graphic

Carved™ Duo panels are created by bonding your choice of two or more materials together to create the thickness of the panel prior to machining.

Once the design is carved into the panel, the contrast of the materials enhances the design to create a dynamic effect. The overall thickness and size of the panel is determined by the choice of materials you use to create your Carved Duo panel.

Talk to our sales team about the options available to you.

Richlite Carved panel
Carved 3d wall panels logo
3D decorative panels


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